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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

Personally it would be when me and my mum went on girly holiday to the Dominican Republic. From the minute we arrived we had uncapped personalised service right from the start. We were greeted with a glass of fizz and a cool flannel after the long flight and transfer. We then were presented with pillow and scent menus, where we chose our very own scent for the accommodation (which yes including pillow mist!) which of course my mum absolutely loved. As a rare treat, we spent quality time together reading, dining and relaxing which of course was helped by having our very own swim up room! The Cherry on the cake has to be the dreamlike boat excursion to see the dolphins that we took on Mother’s Day, which has always been on my mum’s bucket list. The whole holding was just perfect from start to finish.

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

Pulling up in the vast wilderness of Kruger National Park, everything seemed so unexpectedly tranquil. Glancing right stood within natural eyesight was a herd of African elephants on route to the watering hole, as if invisible we sat and watched as they continued their journey. Heading back as dusk fell thinking my trip couldn’t get any better, we turned just before our camp we spotted two rhino’s basking in what was left on the sunset. I’ve never felt so fortunate.

What are your suitcase essentials?

I would have to say my suit case essentials have to be firstly my Camera, I love capturing my memories in a photo so I can share them with friends and family and continue to relive my life experiences long after they have been and gone. My Fitbit is another must, as I like to still be quite active on holiday whether it’s a relaxing holiday on the beach with a cocktail in hand, to sightseeing, walking, cycling, swimming. I like to keep a track of the miles I’ve covered. This is a little bit of a random one but my Water bottle is another one of my suitcase essentials, I’m a massive foodie but especially when I’m away on holiday I like to make sure I keep hydrated when partaking in all activities, but mainly to make sure I’m keeping a good balance of drinking water through the day and enjoying a few well deserved cocktails/ gins or even beers come the evening!

Where's next on your wishlist?

Behind every girl is a bike riding fanatic! In 2016 I completed a 450km charity cycle from south Vietnam through to north Cambodia, heading up the country and finishing in Siem Reap. As strenuous and difficult as it was at times, gliding through the lush vegetation and lotus fields I found myself escaping with what started as strangers but soon became lifelong friends. With over 200 thousand pounds worth of donations behind us we completed the journey in just 9days, and what a way to finish that crossing the bridge into the former Khmer Empire, Angkor Watt. Keep posted for my next challenge which will hopefully follow late next year, I would like to take on another charity cycle through the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Cycling through its rainforests, teeming with wildlife including spider monkeys, quetzal birds, sloths and lots of other native animals, to its white sandy beaches and volcanos. Watch this space!

Sam has a huge fear of missing out from travel experiences in life, living up to the ‘go and do it whilst you can’. From a young age Sam is a long haul voyager catching the travel bug at a tender age of just 3, when she went on her very first flight to Western Australia. Sam was also inspired years ago by her fascination with the TV series Wild at Heart (which I’m sure a lot of people will be able to relate to) which then set some personal goals and adventure missions which one by one Sam is ticking off her never ending wish list
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