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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

The best place I have ever stayed would have to be Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. This dream like resort is truly a slice of heaven on earth, from the private villa’s and the giant swaying coconut trees within the 70 acres of tranquil lush grounds to the hammocks on the long stretch of white sand beach and the open air restaurant where dining under the stars is common place, it truly was awe inspiring. The staff in this hotel are the most friendly and helpful staff I have ever experienced and the facilities were out of this world. Behind the resort you will find some of the most quirkiest bars and restaurants that serve the freshest seafood I have ever tasted and will really take you off the beaten track.

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

My perfect travel moment has to be when I first travelled to Los Angeles. LA has always been my top bucket list destination so being there for me was already enough but I will never forget standing on top of the Hollywood Hills just below the Hollywood sign facing the whole of LA with this feeling of being on top of the world and just that I had done it, I had made it, I had ticked off a destination that had meant so much to me to see. The feeling of contentment that I had in that moment is yet to be challenged. This combined with the most beautiful sunset I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing, I was just covered head to toe in goosebumps. This has to be one of my truly life defining moments.

What are your suitcase essentials?

My essentials would have to be sun cream as I unfortunately burn easily, A camera to capture those awe inspiring moments and comfy shoes as I like to do a lot of exploring!

Where's next on your wishlist?

I would love to visit every country this world has to offer but next on my wish list had to be Nashville to visit the music bars, Alaska to see the local wildlife and The Maldives as it just looks so out of this world beautiful. Having said that if its somewhere I haven’t been then I’m there!

Rhianne has always had a love for travel but her passion really started at the age of 17 when she started studying Travel and Tourism at college. From here her love for travel really grew and she soon realized her true passion in life. Since then Rhianne has gained over 10 years’ experience working within the travel industry. She really loves to immerse herself in all a country has to offer so she can share tips and stories with her customers in order to really bring a destination to life.
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