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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

I have stayed at many fantastic properties around the world, the hospitality of the people which makes it for me. One place which has always been close to my heart is the very exclusive Apa Villas in Illuketia, Sri Lanka nestled between 7 acres of beautiful tea gardens and paddy fields. The 19 century built old Dutch house still holds its past in every brick telling a story from the past. Waking up to sweet cinnamon fragrance in the air from the nearby plantation with cup of tea in my hand is my favourite memory of this place.

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

Vietnam, has completely taken my breath away. The food, culture and the people combined, it has been an amazing experience for me while travelling Asia. I was blown away by the rich heritage and food the country had to offer and ended up extending my stay in Hoi An, a UNESCO world heritage site learning more about their history and food. Experiencing the vast cafe culture with perfect sunsets over the South China sea were some amazing times spent in the country.

What are your suitcase essentials?

Travel as light as possible is my way of travelling. I am more of flip flops and pair of jeans sort of traveller. I always pick up a travel book for the destination I am travelling and love to read about the history of the place.

Where's next on your wishlist?

My travel dart has landed on South American continent which has always been of a charm to me. My future travel plans will be focused towards Peru, Chile, Colombia and the vast Latin American countries.

Having lived all his professional life out of a suitcase working and travelling as cabin crew, Mayur’s passion for travel started at a very young age growing up in the foothills of Himalayas, India. His love for food and passion for travel keeps him on his toes constantly looking for more and more!! The world is not enough !!
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