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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

There are so many wonderful places to choose from and other than the Maldives, I think it has to be Thala Beach Nature Reserve in Australia - the rain forest eco lodges are nestled into the headland with easy access to the beach and rainforest. You can see amazing wildlife right outside your lodge and also have the chance to kayak off the coast, where I saw dolphin and turtles. You can spot the stars using the telescopes at the resort’s unique observatory - it is a truly amazing experience!

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

One would have to be driving along the Nullarbor Plain in South Australia, which is the long desert road that stretches from Western Australia to South Australia. In an old campervan, we drove in the dark and had to slow down and stop as suddenly hundreds of kangaroos came out of the bush and were mesmerised by the van's head lamps - some with their babies in their pouches. It was a truly unique experience!

What are your suitcase essentials?

Mosquitoes love me, so I always take a good repellent, as well as vitamin B tablets. I also pack an iPod and my iPhone, a big hat and always a pair of trainers.

Where's next on your wishlist?

Gosh what a question! I would like to travel more in Africa - so more safaris, but I have always wanted to travel to the Pacific and explore the French Polynesian islands. I'd like to see more of America - maybe drive Route 66 on a Harley Davidson! The list will never be complete but I'm lucky I'm in the right job!

"Our advisor Maxine was fantastic - she really listened to what we wanted. She knew Thailand and was able to give first hand advice which made it all so simple."

Maxine's passion for travel started when she went off for what was supposed to be a six-week holiday to Australia at the age of 18, but she ended up staying for two years! When Maxine finally came home, she finished her studies and then continued her travels around Asia and America before making travel her career.
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