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What's your oddest travel moment?

On my travels around South East Asia one of the first sights we visited was the floating temples in Bali. On arrival we kind of wandered in and were just standing admiring the beautiful temples when all of a sudden we were bombarded by a group of about 5 Balinese woman! They were so excited to see and talk to us as we were 3 blonde western woman, which was quite unusual for them. Cameras came out, photos were being taken, they were so excited and friendly and were giving us so many hugs, I felt as though I was a celebrity!! It was so strange to be getting so much attention for doing absolutely nothing other than standing and admiring a part of their wonderful country. But all they did was make my time in Bali even more unforgettable!

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

I think I would have to say either sky diving in New Zealand or scuba diving in Fiji. These are two times when I have been so wowed I couldn’t stop smiling and was completely lost for words (which doesn’t happen often)!! That moment when I jumped out of that plane over Lake Taupo just took my breath away! I have never seen something so amazing and had such a rush of adrenaline. In Fiji I just remember the first time I realised I was 18 metres under water and surrounded by the most spectacular colours of coral and fish and then black tip reef sharks were swimming past me. It was surreal and just perfect, a whole other life completely under water.

What are your suitcase essentials?

That would have to be my hot water bottle, even when I am in Jamaica I just love to sleep holding onto one!

Where's next on your wishlist?

This is a hard one! I have such a travel bug I just want to go everywhere now, but I think I would say either Sri Lanka or an African safari. I’m actually from South Africa but when I lived there never had the opportunity to do a safari. I absolutely love nature and animals and I think it would just be such a once in a lifetime experience to see the BIG FIVE that I am dying to do! I absolutely love beaches and exploring different countries and their cultures and I think Sri Lanka has absolutely all of this to offer. The country looks so beautiful and full of life, I can’t wait for opportunity to live it myself!

Marysia’s passion for travel started at a young age when she started going on holidays with friends to Europe. She then discovered she just couldn’t live without it. She then worked as cabin crew for just over four years and was fortunate enough to explore and experience a lot of countries around the world. She then moved on to a different side of travel which enabled her to have real insider knowledge of these destinations whilst backpacking around South East Asia and the South Pacific. She loved exploring these cultures and being independent. She is extremely excited to be a part of Kuoni where she can continue to feed her passion for travel and help others do that along the way!