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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

The best place I have ever stayed would have to be Mexico with my partner. We were travelling to celebrate our anniversary, and the staff could not have made us feel more welcome. With views of the glistening turquoise Caribbean Sea from our rooftop terrace complete with Jacuzzi, and the sound of the surrounding jungle humming with life, this trip is still yet to be beaten… although we try very hard!

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

During our two-week Mexican adventure with my partner, the hotel staff told us the ideal time and place to see the turtles on our very own beach. At just before 6am one morning, with the sun just on the horizon, we were swimming alone in the sea with half a dozen beautiful Green Sea Turtles, each one as graceful as the next. It was the most magical moment of any holiday, and the turtles were not fazed by our presence one bit. Watching their natural behaviour in the water was just breathtaking.

What are your suitcase essentials?

Making sure we capture as many incredible moments as possible, I always pack our action camera ready for our adventures. I love to show friends and family pictures of our amazing trips when we get back. And for the moments when we are relaxing by the pool or listening to the water lapping on the beach, a good book is a must in my suitcase. Any genre, I’m not fussy.

Where's next on your wishlist?

I naturally have a list as long as my arm of places I’d love to visit, it’s an occupational hazard! I’m saving a big trip for a special occasion. I have a passion to visit East Africa and go on safari to see the Big Five and the Great Wildebeest Migration by hot-air balloon, but extend the trip with a beautiful stay in the Maldives (hopefully in an Overwater Villa!) I’ve only dreamt of the Indian Ocean so far… my partner just needs to pop the question so I can live my dream as my honeymoon!

With a dream to travel the world, Lauren has been fortunate enough to visit some incredible destinations, experiencing real culture and adventure. Lauren has always had a passion for travel, meaning that the fundamentals of your holiday aren't too big, or too small for her to conquer. Holidays to Lauren are something to be excited about! Whether it's spending precious time with loved ones, or creating amazing memories in incredible settings, Lauren believes they should be handpicked for each individual. Lauren's extensive knowledge and background, complete with incredible personal experiences, will allow her to tailor the perfect holiday just for you!
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