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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

The Outrigger Laguna Beach Resort in Phuket has got to be up there for me. The beach alone was to die for, with the sand moving through your toes as soft as talcum powder, the visit from the local elephant strolling along the beachfront everyday, and ending each day with a Thai Massage and my very own jacuzzi bath in my room. This was all in the hotel, let alone all the fantastic hustle and bustle of the local towns, boat trips to Phi Phi island, and quad biking around pineapple plantations, an idyllic holiday.

What's your oddest travel moment?

I was riding along in a tuk tuk in Goa along a windy chaotic road (and experience in itself might i add), when I passed a herd of cows who were wearing finer and brighter clothes than I would ever dream of putting on, it was bizarre and brilliant, and just summed up how crazy, colourful and brilliant Goa is.

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

One that stands out to me was waking up in my two man tent to the sound of church bells in the small town of Saint Emilion just outside of Bordeaux. We had camped in a vineyard just outside the town and continued to cycle from the vineyard and our tent to the town to sample the local wines. It wasn’t luxury accommodation but the moment and day was unique and humbling.

What are your suitcase essentials?

A good book that is about the area or country you are in, it really helps you set the scene and can inspire you to do something different whilst you are in that destination. As we are in the 21st century it has to be a camera or camera phone. We are so lucky to be able to visit these stunning parts of the world and capture our moments and memories to look back on forever. Trainers - you never know when you will want to get active, explore a city all day on your feet, or hike up a mountain.

Where's next on your wishlist?

Sri Lanka, it is such a diverse country with a wealth of architecture and culture to explore and learn about, as well as idylic beaches, mountains, and wildlife. My parents who are self proclaimed “aged backpackers” visited in 2017 and were blown away, the first thing they said to me was that I would love it and it was right up my street. I’d best get planning a trip

Kate has been fortunate to work in the travel business for over seven years, living and working in several countries over Europe. Kate’s big passion is mountains, whether it be skiing down them in the winter, climbing and hiking up them in the summer, or relaxing by a beautiful mountain lake with their snow capped peaks in the distance. Kate has been lucky enough to travel as far as Australia and lots of exotic places in between, and love’s nothing more than to share and talk about all the experiences and memories travel has given her.