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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

There's many opulent hotels that I've been privileged to experience but I'd have to say, up to now, that Fregate Island in the Seychelles has to be the best place that I've stayed at. It truly had the 'WOW' factor. The Private Pool Residence was spacious enough to accommodate a whole family and I was lucky enough to have it all to myself! It really was a lush, tropical paradise. Utterly amazing and truly something special.

What's your oddest travel moment?

I've had a few whilst travelling around but one that's really vivid, is being almost attacked by a Barbary Macaque for a bottle of Calpol, halfway up the Rock of Gibraltar! My little girl had fallen up a high step in St Michael's cave at the Upper Rock and was upset and bruised when we came out. I didn't give it another thought, reached into my bag for a plaster and medicine where I was almost knocked to the floor by, what felt like, the biggest ape jumping on my back for my bottle of medicine. I was shocked, although I think the ape was more shocked than me by my deafening shrieks for my life! Tip: Do not take ANYTHING out of your bag in the presence of Barbary Macaques – Emergency or not

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

It has to be visiting Lapland with my family. From arriving, in what can only be described as a scene from a Christmas card, we soaked up every moment of our time in Swedish Lapland. Without a doubt, the highlight of our day was searching for Santa. At dusk, just our family, followed a 'secret' path through the forest, guided by the twinkling lights around the edge of the woodland, until we could see smoke coming from the chimney at Santa's house, just a few steps in front of us.. We'd arrived at Santa's log cabin! Meeting Santa was a truly magical experience. Our children were dumbstruck to be stood talking to Santa in his house! Absolutely Priceless! Memory making at it's most finest.

What are your suitcase essentials?

I have so many essentials! Definitely my camera, high factor sun cream, sunglasses, mini first aid kit, bottle of tea tree oil, arnica cream, guide book, mobile phone, travel sized pair of Angel wings!.... the list goes on.

Where's next on your wishlist?

Where to start? My list is ever growing. I'd love to visit regions of Africa, to go in search of gorillas in Rwanda or whale watching in Hermanus, seeing the Big Five at Kruger or witnessing The Great Wildlife Migration in Kenya. Peru & Ecuador is another wishful destination, to cruise through the Galapagos Islands or a real once in a lifetime experience, to Antarctica! The list is endless.

Julie has been in the travel industry for almost 30 years and lists travel as the thing that drives her most. She has been fortunate enough to travel to some unforgettable places and has gained a wealth of knowledge of many global destinations. She loves exploring new and exciting countries, finding out about their cultural highlights and what local delicacies are on offer. Julie's customer's experiences is really important to her. Nothing is too much trouble. If she doesn't know something, she'll find out. Her favourite travel quote is: "Trust your personal travel advisor to inspire your holiday choices "