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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

It is difficult to pin point one place as for different reasons various mountains, hostels and even a shack could answer this question. However one of my fondest memories is spending 4days on the back of an ex Vietnamese militants motorbike driving the full Ha Giang Loop in convoy with a group of other solo travellers. We stayed at a local home stay with a family where we had a ‘family meal’ drank happy water (some very questionable liquor) and danced/sang the night away with the locals and their children. I still have a painted ceramic whistle from one of the hostels children as a gift.

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

My perfect travel moment to date has to be Etosha National Park Campsite in Namibia, following a day of traveling the Namib desert and being welcomed by the legendary Damara Tribe, we arrived exhausted and hoping for an early night ahead of our first game drive in the early morning. We had dinner with our guides and headed to what we thought was a bar for a night cap and daily debrief. What we were actually greeted with was one of Etosha’s watering holes that sits right on the edge of the campsite and stood 400m in front of us in all his glory was an Africa Rhino, only a couple of minutes later, two male Lions arrived and after a short but firm establishment of boundaries they shared the same watering hole. Absolutely mesmerising.

What are your suitcase essentials?

The more I have travelled the less I seem to pack, however a couple of things are now regulars in my backpack – firstly my binoculars, as amazing as it is to capture everything on camera/video I enjoy taking it in and seeing things for myself up close and personal – especially when it involved animals. Second would have to be my polaroid camera, bought as a present from my sister, it captures one shot, one chance and the real ‘un staged’ candid photographs. I once met a family in Da Nang, Vietnam who gave me a Polaroid picture of us all on the Hands Bridge, they are a great sentimental gift.

Where's next on your wishlist?

I have an ultimate dream, and that is to spend some time on the Galapagos Islands however for now my next adventure will have to be Borneo (Malaysian side) I have researched some fantastic conservation work being carried out by scientists and volunteers preserving one of the only two places left in the world you can see Orangutans in their natural environment. Canopy walks, botanical gardens, turtle diving sites and one of the world most endangered prime mates – it’s a no brainer for me.

Following a trip to the Mimar Sian Bazaar in Istanbul at an early age for her first taste of herbal tea, Harriet has been intrigued by the cultures and traditions of other countries and she set off on her first solo flight to India which ignited her adventurous side. From working on VIP Yachts island hoping in Croatia to volunteering at an NGO in Cambodia Harriet has experienced all types of travel and with a passion for animal conservation the list only seems to be growing for destinations yet to be explored.
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