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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

It’s so difficult to pick the best, but certainly the most iconic place I’ve stayed would have to be the Burj Al Arab, in Dubai. It was for my friend’s 30th birthday and we all couldn’t believe our eyes when we made our way to the suite. The views were completely mesmerising, especially at my favourite time; sunset. Blues faded to gold and warm pinks, whilst the Arabian Gulf sat calm and still underneath us. Looking inland at a dizzying height, you couldn’t help but marvel at Dubai’s futuristic metropolis, juxtaposed with a desert as far as the eye could see; a clear distinction of the Emirate’s humble beginnings. The decor of the suite, with all its elaborate touches and details, summarised modern Dubai itself: surreal and opulent. A pool table, a bar, a four-poster bed complete with mirrors - the list goes on! It was incomparable to anywhere else I had stayed and one I certainly won’t forget.

What's your oddest travel moment?

My oddest travel moment occurred in Jakarta. I was exhausted after a night flight, I hadn’t slept very well and I went straight to my hotel room to have a nap. Whilst I was asleep, I dreamt that my room was moving in a side-to-side motion. I started to stir and had a strange sense that something wasn’t right. As exhausted as I was and slowly battling that borderline realm of dream-or-reality, I could still sense that my room was actually swaying and shaking. It was only when the hotel magazines fell on the floor, I realised I wasn’t imagining things: I had just experienced a small earthquake!

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

When I was 21, my best friend from University and I went to Jordan for a week and took a tour of this amazing country, with a local guide. When we got to a desert called Wadi Rum, we were driven out into the darkness of this sandy abyss. We were told to turn our torches off when we got out of the car and look up to the sky. Quite apprehensively, we got out of the car and there above us, was a carpet of twinkling, sparkling, burning stars, millions of miles away, illuminating the sky in increasing intensity, the more we stood transfixed. The asterism of stars in this number and visibility, was something I had never witnessed before, or since. It was an almost humbling experience as we gazed, completely enchanted, by the unimaginable theatrics of a Jordanian Night’s sky

What are your suitcase essentials?

From years on the go, I have a boring, but fail-safe stock of travel essentials that never leave my suitcase: a pair of trainers and a jumper because they come in handy whatever the weather or A/C conditions; a good book - handy for any escapism; sun cream and a universal adaptor.

Where's next on your wishlist?

I would love to travel to more of South America; Peru in particular. Canada and Japan are two favourites, where I’d also love to spend more time exploring properly

When Harriet told family and friends she would start a new job, living and working from Dubai, “for only one year,” the addiction to travelling the world soon set in. It was over five years and 106 destinations later, until she returned back to her much-loved home, in Lancashire, Harriet is eager to share her travelling expertise (and stories), to help create new memories for others to enjoy, for not just one, but years to come
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