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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

The Table Bay in Cape Town is an amazing hotel right on the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. It is a perfect gateway for trips to Robben Island or just wandering around the many fabulous restaurants in Cape Town. I also loved the Sugar Beach hotel in St Lucia. It’s situated right next to the famous pitons so has truly amazing views. It’s also really cool and hip with great styling, luxury villas with private pools and delicious food. You might spot a celebrity or two there as well!

What's your oddest travel moment?

I was in Oman in the port city of Khasab which is a gateway to the really unspoiled fjords of the area. We decided to take a trip out to experience these on a traditional dhow. As we were sailing out we noticed hundreds of tiny speedboats coming the other way. We asked what was happening and it turned out that Iran was only an hour away by boat and they were all smugglers coming to trade goats for things they couldn’t buy in Iran. I felt like I was in a James Bond movie watching them all speed to shore!

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

Yes, we were on a catamaran from Hermanus in South Africa. It’s one of the best whale watching destinations in the world but we hadn’t seen any in quite a while. I moved myself to the very front of the catamaran, legs dangling over to the sea, to get some panoramic photographs. Just at that moment a southern right back whale breached the water right in front of us. It was an awesome experience seeing this huge creature move so gracefully and something I will never forget. I also got some brilliant photos!

What are your suitcase essentials?

My camera is the first thing I pack. I take thousands of pictures and love looking back through them all and reliving the moment captured by the photo. Also a good local guide book is essential. I like to read about the area I’m visiting on the plane journey out and really get in the mood for the holiday I’m about to take!

Where's next on your wishlist?

Ooh everywhere! I love travelling and there is nowhere in the world I wouldn’t want to visit. First up though I think is Latin America. There is so much to see there from rainforests and wildlife, to UNESCO sites, vibrant cities and amazing beaches, it really has it all! I would also love to visit Burma. It is a country only just opening up to tourism and so is something of an undiscovered gem. I think it would be an amazing place to visit and give a great insight into a more traditional Far East.

Carrie has a real love of adventure. From diving with Great White Sharks, to searching for Orangutans in Borneo or Trekking the Atlas Mountains; the more breath-taking the experience the better! Carrie has worked in travel for nearly 10 years before becoming a Personal Travel Expert for Kuoni.