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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

It has to be Athuruga in the Maldives. My husband and I are avid snorkellers and this island has one of the most incredible reefs I have ever seen! We spent the whole week waking up, walking out across the most idyllic white sand beach to the sea and snorkelling all day – we saw sharks, rays, turtles and more fish than you can imagine, right off the shore!

What's your oddest travel moment?

It has got to be in Australia, driving from Alice Springs to Darwin. We had been going at around 70mph for around an hour when there was a huge bang and one of the car tyres blew out. My friend was asleep in the back of the car and with the shock of the noise and waking up she threw open the car door thinking she had been shot! When we stopped and all got out of the car she was stood there covered from head to toe in ‘red centre’ dust with two little white eyes looking out where her sunglasses had been. Hilarious looking back at it now but also a very scary moment at the time!

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

Many of them! One of my favourite memories is watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney from Shark Island in the harbour. We had an incredible evening and when we arrived home later we all sat in the garden looking at the bright twinkling stars in the clear sky to welcome in the New Year.

What are your suitcase essentials?

Baby wipes and more baby wipes – they come in handy for everything! My must-have article is a pair of Havaianas, I love them, and they are both comfortable for long walks and practical for the beach.

Where's next on your wishlist?

China has to be near the top – I can’t wait to see all of the iconic sights. There’s also Rio, Victoria Falls and Botswana among many others. There are so many places to choose from in this wonderful world!

"Carla was fantastic. Within a few minutes, she completely understood what we wanted in our special 2013 holiday and helped pick the best holiday for us. She was so friendly and personable and she made everything so easy and exciting! Nothing was too much trouble and all my questions were answered quickly and efficiency. We last went on holiday with Kuoni in 2004 (x 6 time to Baros in the Maldives) and it was so pleasing to see that Kuoni's first class excellent service has just got better! Thank you so much, Carla. I am already recommending Kuoni most highly."

Since travelling to Australia on her gap year in 2000, Carla has been struck by the travel bug! She has travelled extensively around the world and has a passion for exploring new destinations. She has been working for Kuoni since 2008.