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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

The best place I have ever stayed would be the Fairmont Hotel In San Fransisco. We were late because of traffic and the Fairmont has sold out room / overbooked. We had the room booked with Disney timeshare and we ended up being upgraded to the 32nd Floor and had an entire glass room looking out the whole of San Fransisco. It was an incredible time spent there. It made me fall in love with the city and would love to live there!

What's your oddest travel moment?

My oddest / funniest travel moment to this day still gets laughed about. I was playing golf at the Disney Palm resort and was paired up with two brothers . We were having a really fun round and came to the 18th tee. I happened to leave a half-eaten Milkway Bar and a half eaten muffin left open in the golf cart. All of us were standing on the tee and as I was about to take my backswing the guys started laughing. We turned round and a family of 4 racoons had made their way onto my golf buggy stole the food I had left open and ran back into the trees! To this day we still joke about the racoon that stole my Milkyway!

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

My most perfect travel moment is hard to pick having had so many but If I pick one I would have to say playing golf with my Dad at Spyglass Hills Golf Course in Monterey Bay with my dad and my mum caddying. The scenery, wildlife, course conditions, weather and company was just perfect and summed up the entire west coast of California holiday. It was the last time I got to play golf with my dad as he has MS and it meant so much!

What are your suitcase essentials?

My suitcase essentials would be: Golf Clubs, Inhaler (I have asthma!) Sunglasses, Bose Headphones and as much food as I can fit into a carry on bag before I board an airplane

Where's next on your wishlist?

Next on my wish list would have to be travelling to somewhere incredibly full of wildlife specifically birds of prey as I love wildlife, zoos and scenery. So either Vietnam or specifically the Jade Mountain Hotel in St Lucia as the views from the rooms look incredible!

Ben has been working in customer service for over 10 years ranging from hospitality to sales. Ben has travelled to 11 different countries around the world so far, ranging from the far west coast of California all the way to the Far East in Thailand. At a young age of 27 he has had a chance to explore many parts of the world with a passion for scenery, wildlife (specifically birds of prey) and culture. Ben is a very visual character and can explain many different locations to excite you about your holiday destination. Ben is a lover of Disney and would consider himself an Orlando Specialist having been 18 times already and can make his way around without a map or a sat nav!