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Where's the best place you've ever stayed?

I fell in love with Atlantis in Dubai. As you make the approach up the Palm Island and see it rise up before you, it is hard not to be in complete awe. The hotel really brings out the kid in everyone and I naturally made use of every attraction within the on-site waterpark, which is a welcome relief from those hot desert days. The accommodation itself evokes a sense of grandeur, with impeccable service, comfort and dining options

Have you had a perfect travel moment?

My perfect travel moment was in Cape Town, South Africa. The city captivated my heart, unlike any other place. As I hiked Lion’s Head before dawn, watching the sun rise up over the city and the twinkling lights silently fade away, feeling the warmth of the rising sun on my skin - I felt so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to experience moments like this.

What are your suitcase essentials?

Spare memory cards for my camera. I will always end up taking so many more pictures than I first anticipate to record those wonderful holiday moments. I’ve now learned to pack an extra couple of memory cards in the camera bag to ensure I can capture those special memories.

Where's next on your wishlist?

China. I’m yet to visit this vast country and would very much like to embark on a journey there. With such a rich culture along with varying cities and experiences, I just know it would remain in my memory for a long time. And who can resist visiting baby pandas?

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Aleatta has explored this southern continent in-depth. Having always been an intrepid traveller, two years ago she bought a one way ticket and set off on her biggest adventure. Winding her way through the landscapes of Africa and Europe, she settled in London, making it her home.
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